Tside is a website BY young people FOR young people living in Middlesbrough and surrounding areas and is committed to publishing the best work of the journalism and media students at Teesside University.

This site is filled with interesting, honest and up-front multimedia  journalism which we aim to be both entertaining and informative. We really want you to comment and give us your feedback so get involved!

Tside is ran by students at Teesside University and is primarily a learning and teaching tool for the journalism programmes.  The academic team make sure we are operating properly and legally.  While we will do all we can to make sure that we are truthful, accurate and are operating within the law, it is good to know they are keeping an eye on us and making sure we don’t get in to trouble. They also sometimes help us structuring our outlandish ideas. Thanks guys!

Teesside University is multicultural, tolerant and committed to widening participation in Higher Education for those from underprivileged groups. We want to reflect that on our site and highlight some of the difficult issues which effect young people both on Teesside and across the world. We strive to be balanced on all issues. However, we do have strong opinions about the environment and racism and and when it comes to these issues we  make no apologies.

If you have an opinion about anything we write you can leave a comment or email the author of the story. Simply click on their name! We do have to moderate comments so no one leaves anything obscene or threatening, but if it’s a genuine opinion we will put it up even if we don’t agree with it. That’s because Tside firmly believes in free speech.

While Tside has kindly been created by the School of Arts and Media (thanks SAM!), it is run independently from them. That means they can’t have too much interference about what we write. However, as Teesside Uni is a pretty cool place to be, there aren’t many occasions when we cause them any problems.

Because this site is written with young people in mind we know that means we sometimes after be careful about content. That doesn’t mean we shy away from the controversial, but it does mean we won’t have dodgy images that would upset our Mums!

In order to make our videos, picture galleries and audio files as usable as possible, we usually upload them using familar software such as Youtube and then embed them in to our stories. So while a lot of the multimedia journalism on here has been created by us, it will have a Youtube or flickr logo on it. However, sometimes such as if we are reviewing a film, we like to include the trailer or a picture of the star which we didn’t create. Not yet anyway!

We hope you enjoy reading our site.  If you have any queries please email b.usher@tees.ac.uk or email any of us. We’d love to hear your views.