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Beauty businesses are in full bloom in Middlesbrough

Hair and makeup has been a part of human life for thousands of years, from the Egyptians and their eyeliner to the modern-day society we live in today.

Hair and beauty trends have tended to go from one extreme to the next.

With the extreme lengths women took in the middles ages in Europe to achieve the latest trend will shock anyone. Many envious of Queen Elizabeth I for her pale complexion to achieve this some would use a poisonous mixture of white led and vinegar or even drain their blood!

Women in the upper class during the Victorian era would often have their long hair made into a fancy updo often to flatter their dress style and their silhouette.

Although, makeup wasn’t particularly popular as it was associated with low moral character. The 1900’s eradicated that stigma when makeup counters developed.

It wasn’t till the early that women started wearing their hair down with several different styles from crimped to pixie cuts. Paired with tanned skin, metallic and bold lip lip-gloss it was a big difference in the tends seen in the 1900’s.

Although this industry has been around for many years, it wasn’t till the development of social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube etc that the industry has never seemed more popular.

Through the development of social media sites, the world has become more influenced by beauty than ever before.

From beauty bloggers to famous celebrities on magazine covers the beauty industry has boomed, take popular fashion magazine Vogue as an example, it has over 17.8 million Instagram followers and has had a presence in society for 125 years.

With stars such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner having a massive following on social media and releasing their own makeup brands, the beauty industry is growing even further. Over the past few years more and more celebrities are coming out with their own makeup lines.

Some beauty YouTube stars are also following suit, Jeffree Star a beauty YouTube sensation with 5.7 million followers on Instagram, released his very own line in 2014 and proved to be a huge success as at first release was selling out as fast as Kylie Jenner’s lip kits.

Social media has left many wondering what effect it is having on people’s everyday lives and how is it changing the way young people especially feel about themselves.

Through the use of photoshop on many of the images shown in the mainstream media whether it be magazines or Instagram, many young people may feel obligated to reach the unrealistic standards created by these companies.

Due to the development of social media it has become more of an issue, more and more people photoshopping their images to try and achieve the same looks shown across the media.

Although, for many it beauty is simply a tool for self-expression whether it be you changing your hair colour or your make up. But has social media created a stigma around beauty or has it always been there?

Middlesbrough, located in the North East, is not typically known for it’s role in the hair and beauty industry. However, the area has over 15 salons and the numbers are still growing.

With Teesside University and Middlesbrough college very close to the town centre it proves to be a popular area for this growing industry, as new students arrive to the area each year.

With many big companies within the town centre such as Primark etc many other stores have begun appearing around Middlesbrough.

Some new hair and beauty salons have been opening, welcoming people of all ages and often giving student friendly discounts appealing to the students within the region.

The new businesses opening will be sure to be a success with their ever-growing list of clients with the new students arriving to the university each year.

NEMUA is just one example of very successful companies based in the Middlesbrough area.

NEMUA is the North East’s leading makeup academy which specialises in hair and makeup, helping potential makeup artists develop their skills and give them real world advice to ensure their success within the makeup industry.

Located in Rede House, Corporation Road Middlesbrough. NEMUA train people to become makeup artists and help them build their clientele.

Providing them free business advice from their local mentors. They Hold different workshops for people of all ages, covering a range of different areas.

Whether you want to just develop your own beauty skills to become a makeup artist or become a special effects makeup artist they offer a course for you.

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